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Connecting Members, Fundraisers and Merchants

Our Story

For over 27 years, Entertainment has created a local community with its Membership program by bringing together Members, Fundraisers and Merchants in a way that no one else can.  

Fundraising is at the heart of who we are and we love the opportunity to help our fundraising partners make a difference. Our merchants offer incredible offers and experiences. Our members embrace the opportunity to GET great offers, GIVE back to their community and cause, and SHARE meaningful moments.


Up to 20% of a Membership sale goes directly to a Fundraiser chosen by the Member, a key source of fundraising revenue for many Fundraisers over the years. Entertainment has helped more than 13,000 organisations, big and small to reach their fundraising goals over the years. Raising more than $100 million for local primary and high schools, sports clubs and community groups alike. With fundraising in the digital world, Entertainment can help introduce Fundraisers to a connected community and raise much-needed funds.


Access a whole new customer base by connecting your business to Entertainment Members. Our platform helps boosts revenue for merchants across dining, retail, travel and leisure. Our Members have access to offers from over 6,000 business partners in dining, travel, activities, and retail across over 15,000 partner locations in Australia, New Zealand and Bali. Let’s do the same for you.


Our Members have access to thousands of great offers from business partners in dining, travel, activities and retail – across thousands of partner locations in Australia, New Zealand and Bali. Join our community of over 120,000 Members and support the causes you care about today. Whether you’re in a major city, regional area or country town, Entertainment is your ticket to incredible experiences. Often at half the price, too.